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A selection of properties sold by Maurice and Monica.

Properties appearing more than once have been sold multiple times.

2a Milton, Northcote Point
2/40 Coronation Rd, Hillcrest
28A Seaview Ave, Northcote
15/83 lake Road, Devonport
1/37 Stredwick Drive, Torbay
6 Blacks Road, Greenhithe
17 Utting St, Birkdale
5 Vincent Road, Northcote Point
1/32 Elliott Ave, Glenfield
5/120 Nile Road, Milford
4/120 Nile Road, Milford
12 Martin Crescent, Northcote
3/16 Margaret Place, Milford
3/120 Nile Road, Milford
2/120 Nile Road, Milford
6/120 Nile Road, Milford
4C Commodore Parry Drive, Milford
68B Sartors Ave, Browns Bay
1/12 Downing St, Glenfield
2/12 Downing St, Glenfield
1 Heatherleigh Rise, Northcross
11 Weldene Ave, Glenfield
7B Weldene Ave, Glenfield
54D Birkdale Road, Birkdale
7a Radiata Lane, Chatswood
50 Lauderdale Road, Birkdale
38/5 Carolina Place, Albany
13 Princeton Parade, Albany
16 Hilton Close, Albany
13/30 John Jennings Drive, Albany
A39/202 State Highway 17, Albany
116 Wright Road, Albany
9 Kyle Road, Albany
2/6 Lancaster Road, Beach Haven
40 Paragon Ave, Beach Haven
18 Packham Place, Beach Haven
3 Gilpin Place, Beach Haven
8 Creamer Ave, Belmont
15A Utting Street, Birkdale
86a Stott Avenue, Birkdale
62 Saffron Street, Birkdale
63 Saffron Street, Birkdale
67 Saffron Street, Birkdale
13/60 Birkdale Road, Birkdale
50 Stott Avenue, Birkdale
15 Seon Place, Birkdale
15 Seon Place, Birkdale
6/65 Rangatira Road, Birkdale
4/59 Rangatira Road, Birkdale
42A Kia Ora Road, Birkdale
1/1 Bishopgate Street, Birkdale
21 Aplin Place, Birkdale
21 Aplin Place, Birkdale
2/46 Chippendale Cres, Birkdale
6/65 Rangatira Road, Birkdale
6/7 Balmain Road, Birkenhead
8 Berne Place, Birkenhead
12A Pluto Place, Birkenhead
221 Onewa Road, Birkenhead
23 Coroglen Avenue, Birkenhead
15I Roseberry Avenue, Birkenhead
1/40 Rawene Road, Birkenhead
69a Balmain Road, Birkenhead
12/177 Onewa Road, Birkenhead
102 Park Hill Road, Birkenhead
3 Wernham Place, Birkenhead
34b Colonial Road, Birkenhead
9A Colonial Road, Birkenhead
64 Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead Point
154 Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead Point
209c Onewa Road, Birkenhead
1/252 Onewa Road, Birkenhead
19 Colonial Road, Birkenhead
17 Bridgeview Rd, Birkenhead
14B Caram Place, Birkenhead
24A Ridgewood Cres, Birkenhead
1/12 Kauri Road, Birkenhead
28 Park Hill Road, Birkenhead
4/101 Birkenhead Ave, Birkenhead
48 Vandeleur Avenue, Birkenhead
1/52 Glencoe Road, Browns Bay
5/75 Aberdeen Road, Castor Bay
5/75 Aberdeen Road, Castor Bay
49B Aberdeen Road, Castor Bay
2/23 Parr Terrace, Castor Bay
2 Peter Terrace, Castor Bay
4 Fitzpatrick Place, Chatswood
5 Fitzpatrick Place, Chatswood
5 Fitzpatrick Place, Chatswood
1440 State Highway 17, Dairy Flat
17 Fraser Avenue, Devonport
11A Selwyn Cres, Forrest Hill
46 Grenada Ave, Forrest Hill
308 East Coast Road, Forrest Hill
9 Selwyn Cres, Forrest Hill
2/13 Richards Avenue, Forrest Hill
12 Knightsbridge Drive, Forrest Hill
1/39 Sunnynook Road, Forrest Hill
39 Woodstock Road, Forrest Hill
236 Forrest Hill Road, Forrest Hill
19 Knightsbridge Drive, Forrest Hill
16 Blakeborough Drive, Forrest Hill
1-11 Hall Road, Glenfield
121 Chivalry Road, Glenfield
24 Tamahere Drive, Glenfield
1/292 Wairau Rd, Glenfield
9a Weldene Avenue, Glenfield
15 Target Rd, Glenfield
28 Diana Drive, Glenfield
29a Park Road, Glenfield
2/15 Lambrown Drive, Glenfield
19 Weldene Avenue, Glenfield
2/227 Glenfield Road, Glenfield
6 Havana Place, Glenfield
41 Heathglen Place, Glenfield
21 Merton Avenue, Glenfield
2/152 Sunset Road, Glenfield
108A Hillside Road, Glenfield
2/18 Gladys Ave, Glenfield
31 Tetrarch Place, Glenfield
2/4 Camilla Grove, Glenfield
51C Noeleen Street, Glenfield
32c Tree View Avenue, Glenfield
2/69 Athena Drive, Glenfield
10 Tern Place, Glenfield
10 Tern Place, Glenfield
66 Marlborough Avenue, Glenfield
2/228 Manuka Road, Glenfield
30A Ludlow Terrace, Glenfield
79 Santiago Cres, Glenfield
2/20 Barbados Drive, Glenfield
2/20 Barbados Drive, Glenfield
13 Capilano, Glenfield
17 Norman Road, Hauraki
4/159 Coronation Rd, Hillcrest
6 Pupuke Road, Hillcrest
12B Lynngate Ave, Hillcrest
54 Moore Street, Hillcrest
53A Hillcrest Avenue, Hillcrest
16 Totara Grove, Hillcrest
46 Monarch Avenue, Hillcrest
40 Velma Road, Hillcrest
4 Lynden Avenue, Hillcrest
91 Monarch Avenue, Hillcrest
1/15 Munstead Place, Hillcrest
25B Mannering Place, Hillcrest
1/4 Wanganella Place, Lynfield
418a Beach Rd, Mairangi Bay
26A Penzance Road, Mairangi Bay
20 Matipo Road, Mairangi Bay
2/72 Mayfair Crescent, Mairangi Bay
2/13 Napoleon Avenue, Milford
3/13 Napoleon Avenue, Milford
2/25 Corunna Road, Milford
1 Fenwick Avenue, Milford
12A Forrest Hill Road, Milford
42 Quebec Road, Milford
4a Parr Terrace, Milford
17A Selwyn Cres, Milford
17 Selwyn Cres, Milford
1/51 Shakespeare Road, Milford

11 Phillip Parade, Milford
3/3 Seine Road, Milford
29 Belmont Terrace, Milford
42A Forrest Hill Road, Milford
5/15 Omana Road, Milford
1586 Dominion Road, Mt Roskill
10A Wernham Place, Northcote
12A James Evans Drive, Northcote
35 St Peters Street, Northcote
13 Raymond Terrace, Northcote
21a Seaview Ave, Northcote
13 Holdaway Avenue, Northcote
26a Seaview Avenue, Northcote
16 Lydia Avenue, Northcote
43 Seaview Avenue, Northcote
1/73 Lake Road, Northcote
28a Seaview Avenue, Northcote
17 Seaview Avenue, Northcote
34 Seaview Avenue, Northcote
125 Exmouth Road, Northcote
21 Fairfax Avenue, Northcote
71 Sylvan Avenue, Northcote
35 Seaview Ave, Northcote
28 Fowler Street, Northcote
17 Heath Avenue, Northcote
32 McBreen, Northcote
3B Lydia Place, Northcote
9 Seaview Ave, Northcote
76 Gladstone Road, Northcote
28 Puawai Place, Northcote
6 Denby Lane, Northcote
5/21 Richmond Ave, Northcote
7 Onewa Road, Northcote
2 Tennyson Street, Northcote
10 Tarahanga Street, Northcote
21 Church Street, Northcote
1/69 Sylvia Road, Northcote
1/12 Lake Road, Northcote
10 Tarahanga Street, Northcote
9B Church St, Northcote
27 Fowler Avenue, Northcote
2/12 Lake Rd, Northcote
15 Tarahanga St, Northcote
41A Seaview Ave, Northcote
3/86 Sylvan Ave, Northcote
80 Onewa Road, Northcote
31c James Evans Dr, Northcote
77 Queen St, Northcote Point
22 Church St, Northcote Point
4 Faulkner Road, Northcote Point
13 Rodney Road, Northcote Point
1/20 Sulphur Beach Road, Northcote Point
3/32 Church Street, Northcote Point
146 Queen Street, Northcote Point
1/1 Richmond Avenue, Northcote Point
2 Sulphur Beach Road, Northcote Point
151 Queen Street, Northcote Point
33 Princes Street, Northcote Point
7 Nelson Ave, Northcote Point
80 Summer Street, Ponsonby
8 Douglas Street, Ponsonby
8a Albert Hall Drive, Red Beach
15 Rothesay Bay Road, Rothesay Bay
55 Kauri Road, Stanmore Bay
1/20b Sunnynook Road, Sunnynook
1/32 Totaravale Drive, Sunnynook
15 Kama Place, Sunnynook
1/74 Cockayne Cres, Sunnynook
1 Tonkin Drive, Sunnynook
1/7 Salamanca Road, Sunnynook
6/198 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna
3 Charles Street, Takapuna
1 Crichton Terrace, Takapuna
1/5 The Terrace, Takapuna
1/47 Bracken Ave, Takapuna
56 Francis Street, Takapuna
135 Tiroroa Avenue, Te Atatu South
6 Jacanas Place, The Palms
15 Goldfinch Rise, The Palms
50 Takahe Road, Titirangi
2/99 Glamorgan Drive, Torbay
49A Sunset Rd, Totara Vale
31 Athena Drive, Totara Vale
49 Sunset Road, Totara Vale
59 Caribbean Dr, Unsworth Heights
7 Godwin Court, Unsworth Heights
16 Mallard Place, Unsworth Heights
46 Unsworth Drive, Unsworth Heights
46 Bluebird Crescent, Unsworth Heights
17 Condor Place, Unsworth Heights
7 Bronzewing Terrace, Unsworth Heights
26 Bronzewing Terrace, Unsworth Heights
8 Owl Court, Unsworth Heights
5 Bronzewing Terrace, Unsworth Heights
40 Unsworth Drive, Unsworth Heights
108 Caribbean Drive, Unsworth Heights
25 Calypso Way, Unsworth Heights
28 Bronzewing Tce, Unsworth Heights
29A Unsworth Drive, Unsworth Heights
12 Rifleman Rise, Unsworth Heights
30 Bronzewing Terrace, Unsworth Heights
46 Bluebird Cres, Unsworth Heights
4 Carl Place, Unsworth Heights
29 Rifleman Rise, Unsworth Heights
15 Grenadine Place, Unsworth Heights
26B Unsworth Drive, Unsworth Heights
15 Grenadine Place, Unsworth Heights
68 Unsworth Drive, Unsworth Heights
2/89 Unsworth Drive, Unsworth Heights
5 Bronzewing Terrace, Unsworth Heights
3 Sandpiper Grove, Unsworth Heights
12 Bronzewing Terrace, Unsworth Heights
3 Bronzewing Terrace, Unsworth Heights
7b Rifleman Rise, Unsworth Heights
8 Tern Place,Unsworth Heights
54 Unsworth Drive, Unsworth Heights
22 Unsworth Drive, Unsworth Heights
22 Calypso Way, Unsworth Heights
22 Calypso Way, Unsworth Heights
32 Bronzewing Tce, Unsworth Heights
4 Mannikin Place, Unsworth Heights
68 Unsworth Heights, Unsworth Heights
68 Unsworth Heights, Unsworth Heights
30 Calypso Way, Unsworth Heights
23 Bluebird Crescent, Unsworth Heights
26a Unsworth Drive, Unsworth Heights
25 Lorikeet Place, Unsworth Heights
6 Owl Court, Unsworth Heights
1/38 Nile Road, Milford
101 Nile Road, Milford
4/9 East Coast Road, Milford
10 Napoleon Avenue, Milford
1/22 Alma Rd, Milford
2/15 East Coast Rd, Milford
1/15 East Coast Road, Milford
1/6 East Coast Road, Milford
1/2b Dallinghoe Crescent, Milford